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Super Waterproof Tape is a very sticky tape, which is suitable for repairing various leaks. It’s Extremely Simple and Convenient to use. Great way to Saves your time and money.

  • Super Waterproof
    It can be used to repair leaks in pipes, roofs, pools, fuel tanks, etc.,It is suitable for various liquids  including freshwater, seawater, rainwater, gasoline, diesel, etc.

  • Super Sticky
    Made of high polymer synthetic butyl rubber, with extremely strong adhesion, suitable for various surfaces.
  • Resistant to High Pressure
    After testing, it can effectively resist the pressure of 3bar.

  • High & Low temperature Resistance
    Capable of withstanding up to 120 degrees Celsius and maintaining viscosity at low temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius.

  • Flame Retardant, Fire-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, UV resistant
    Pure aluminum surface, can effectively flame retardant and anti-corrosion, the smooth pure aluminum film has better sun protection and cooling effect

  • Environmentally Friendly & Degradable
    The main ingredient is synthesized from natural rubber, which can be degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment and has no pollution to the environment.


How To Use:


  • Size: 15cm * 5m / 10cm * 5m / 5cm * 5m / 5cm * 3m.

Package Includes:

  • 1 roll x Super Waterproof Tape.


  • Try not to open it within 24 hours after pasting. After 24 hours, the effect is the best.
  • Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.


Frank Goodwin
Verified Buyer

I cleaned and prep surfaces with rubbing alcohol and C clamped wood on to the rear for a few weeks. Its good as new and was well worth the few extra dollars!

Calum Jennings
Verified Buyer

Used this to cover a leaky seal on my travel trailer roof. There have been numerous rain storms since then, and no leaks, and it is sticking down fine. I do know some RVers consider this tape to be a permanent fix. I'm not sure, and am keeping an eye on it. But for now, all is well.

Aleksander Carpenter
Verified Buyer

I was a full-time RVer for 8 years and I always kept this type of product on hand. I’ve tried many different brands/companies of this type of product and there are some that are definitely better than others but overall they still do about the same thing. This stuff has a nice sticky substance that seals a variety of things. Great for repairing roofs and sealing up those leaky areas. Once you place it where you want it it really does not come off. Always keep some on hand for when those needs arise. By the time you need it it’s too late to go get it. Pick some up today. Now I live on a small one acre farm and I still find a variety of things to use this product on. A must have item for me.

Vincent Gaines
Verified Buyer

This is really interesting stuff. It's almost like putty on a roll except the "putty" is thick, sticky tape. In other words, it's thick enough to be able to be molded onto uneven surfaces to form a tight seal, and a permanent one. It will be a specialty patch product because once it goes on, it doesn't come off. Definitely good for stopping water leaks as long as you aren't too concern about aesthetics.

Findlay Winter
Verified Buyer

We live in the country and have repair jobs come up. I got this strong butyl tape for the prepper box. Its main purpose is to repair leaks – it’s waterproof, with strong adhesive. I anticipate using it around skylights and windows, and so on. In a pinch, it could even be used to seal a crack in the boat.

Ralph Alexander
Verified Buyer

I used this tape to seal a boat bow hatch that insisted on leaking despite repeated efforts to re-silicone. I tried the tape. Used a putty knife to put pressure while laying it down. It worked great. Unintentional testing during 2 recent northeast hurricanes. NO WATER LEAKS

Faith Barnett
Verified Buyer

Gutter drainage pipe separated. Several alternatives with most being expensive and difficult. This tape will more than do the job. It’s not coming off. Highly recommend.

Alistair Dickerson
Verified Buyer

This water proof tape sealer sticks very well once put it place. It is easy to put in place and forms well to the existing surface. It is not easy to remove because it is meant to stick and permanently seal which I think it does very well.

Bertie Bolton
Verified Buyer

Had a PVC leak a joint that would have required some weird pipe cutting and reassembly. For the price of this it was a no brainier, but it needed to work. There is some water pressure from the sump pump on the PVC line, but not too much. The material has a silver metal backing and can be cut to fit any size (recommended sharp blade/knife). For our project we cut the tape in half lengthwise and double sealed the leak just in case. It held and no issued thus far, great product for projects like this. I can see this tape used in almost any area that requires a heavy duty seal, it's very sticky and hold rather well.

Yusuf Mccarty
Verified Buyer

Used this to help repair of my above ground pool! My skimmer section of my 20 year old pool rusted so I used a stainless steel repair kit first to cover rusted section of skimmer then placed this tape over the screws and seams of the stainless steel plate to prevent damage to my pool liner, worked great!

Haseeb Joyce
Verified Buyer

Used it to stop a leak in metal chimney shroud over my wood stove. The tape cuts very easily with a utility knife and is very sticky when applied to surface and applied very easily. It also can be cut in 2 inch strips easily so the roll goes farther. Since I was not sure exactly where the leak was, a liberal taping of all joints did the trick. I would highly recommend.

Brett Carey
Verified Buyer

That exactly what I am looking for

Kaden Marsh
Verified Buyer

It arrived quickly and does exactly what I bought for ( prevent rust holes and prevent water leaking into my 40 foot high capacity shipping containers that I use as garages)

Micheal Malone
Verified Buyer

Great working.

Casey Daniel
Verified Buyer

I've used this brand and eterna bond. This seems as good. I'm pleased with it.

Marshall Yoder
Verified Buyer

Easy to cut and lay down

Harri Davis
Verified Buyer

Used this around my stove pipe for my yurt. Waterproof and heat resistant and no leaks!

Dominik Patterson
Verified Buyer

Works great! Used on our awning, EZ up, and even the top of our golfcart to stop some water getting in!! Great price too!

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