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“This snake toy has been a fantastic purchase for my cats, providing hours of entertainment with its realistic design and ability to detect objects and change direction. I highly recommend this toy to any cat owner looking to add excitement to their feline’s playtime!”
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ – Olivia T.
✅ Verified Buyer

Is your cat snoozing all day, growing bored and chubby? Snap them into action with the Slither Sprint™ Interactive Cat Toy! This clever toy slithers like a real snake, making your cat go bananas. It’s smart, dodging furniture and restarting with a simple tap. Forget changing batteries – it charges like a phone! Tough enough to handle wild cat play, it’s the treat your cat’s been dreaming of. It’s time to bring the thrill of the hunt to your living room!

This toy mimics a snake’s slither, making your cat pounce and play. Your feline stays spry, sharp, and far from the dreaded boredom.

Slither Sprint™ is built tough, so it can handle your cat’s wild side. No more wasting cash on flimsy toys; this one stays strong through countless adventures.

The toy’s smart sensors dodge walls and objects like a pro. It doesn’t get stuck, so the chase never stops and your cat’s playtime stays lively.

With a gentle tap, Slither Sprint™ comes alive and your cat takes command. Watch as your furry pal gets hooked, eager for new thrills in every play session.


This toy works wonders on carpets and floors, turning your home into a hunting ground. Your house becomes an exhilarating jungle for your little predator.

Slither Sprint™ charges with a USB cable, so you can say goodbye to batteries. This means more savings, less hassle, and endless fun for your cat.

Slither Sprint™ delights not just cats, but kids too! Transform your home into a hub of excitement, and bond with your family over thrilling snake hunts.

It’s easy to get the ball rolling with this toy. With minimal fuss, your cat is ready for action, and you get to kick back and enjoy the entertainment.


Step 1: Unbox the toy snake and locate the charging port.

Step 2: Use the included USB cable to charge the toy for about 40 minutes.

Step 3: After charging, turn on the snake toy using the ‘S-type’ switch.

Step 4: Place the toy on a smooth surface for optimal performance.

Step 5: Let the snake toy slither around, attracting your cat’s attention.

Step 6: The toy enters sleep mode after 2 minutes of activity, tap the snake’s head to reactivate it.

Step 7: Enjoy watching your cat play endlessly with its new toy snake.

Step 8: After playtime, turn off the toy and recharge it for the next play session.



Donovan Douglas
Verified Buyer

My cats are not always crazy to play but this snake is fantastic I fully recommend it! comes with a usb charger and works great, you can move her with the funny remote control ( its a snake egg) it worth the price and looks 100% and moves like a real snake, her tongue has a red light. they love it

Kaiden Simpson
Verified Buyer

This toy is awesome!!! My little kitty likes it and my son loves it as well!!! If you're not paying attention, it truly does look real. I actually got it to play a prank on a friend,hahhhh

Paxton Edwards
Verified Buyer

I highly recommend for the owners with cats and hardwood floors. The Snake slithers well on the hardwood. It does not transition well to carpet, even the thin carpet that I do have. My cats love it!

Jackson Wood
Verified Buyer

My cats really enjoy the movement of the toy as well as my dogs. It keeps them very entertained.

Derek Hammond
Verified Buyer

For the price, this is a really nice toy! My cats likes to chase it around and it runs pretty well. You have to be a bit close to control it (around 4-5 feet I'd say is the furthest you can be from it while controlling it). Overall it's a great toy!

Faith Davis
Verified Buyer

Our cats loved it! Brought it to our daughter's house where she has three new kittens and they wore themselves out playing with it! Wish you could have seen them jumping and running around this fun new toy! Great to entertain the felines!

Harley Gray
Verified Buyer

Works great my cats love it, even has my dog intrigued! It moves and looks like a snake.

Amy Fuller
Verified Buyer

great product. the neighbor kids and grandkids like playing with it. the cat & 2 dogs are scared of it lol ! runs great on carpet & vinyl and hardwood. ( we only run it inside, we have not used it outside on the deck )

Jessica Bennet
Verified Buyer

Bought this for my mom's cat, too much fun!!

Garrett King
Verified Buyer

My cat Cloudy loved this! It freaked us out though lol! Would recommend.

Morgan Barnes
Verified Buyer

Bought this for my cat and he loves it. Would recommend to others.

Emanuel Lewis
Verified Buyer

My cats watched intently as I got it prepped for it's first run, and seem to really enjoy playing with it...sometimes they may be skittish if I pull it out and drive it into a room one of them is in, but they quickly get over that and chase it around. My cats need the exercise, so this has certainly helped them.

Brinley Thomas
Verified Buyer

Originally, we purchased toys like this for our cats. Now our 18-month old gets the most pleasure out of these type of toys. Ha! We enjoy it, and it is an easy way to keep him occupied. Obviously, this toy holds up well, because neither cats nor children are known to be gentle.

Gwendolyn Ramos
Verified Buyer

This was a Christmas present for my cat and she is going crazy playing with it, She is having so much fun and keeps watching it all the time even when it is not moving. Comes with a remote control that you can make it move back and forth or can go in circles, fun for me to play with also.

Everly Norman
Verified Buyer

My kitten is happy, first she was afraid, and then she knocked her to continue playing. I understood everything myself! thank you!

June Green
Verified Buyer

Delivery is very fast. Thank you seller! Track tracked. From order to receipt in Mo, Dolgoprudny 10 days. Video does not work. Snake works.

Paige Perkins
Verified Buyer

The snake is great. Sees obstacles. If you don't touch her for a while, you stop. Reacts to noise. I am very pleased, I recommend! To the seller Thank you!!!

Ryker Kim
Verified Buyer

Movement soft and make you satisfied.

Jonah Ortiz
Verified Buyer

Excellent Toy, the cat is busy. Made of plastic, eyes glow. The obstacles go around. After some time stops, the cat starts itself (touches the foot)

Steven Hammond
Verified Buyer

The toy is counting. The cat appreciated. Through the ikeevsky carpet then slips, then no. When the indicator is charged, which is convenient. And once again, the quality is good.

Rafael Morris
Verified Buyer

Very nice

Knox Robinson
Verified Buyer

The order received all the super grandchildren liked how the cat plays.

Emersyn Barrett
Verified Buyer

This electronic toy is great. Cat was somewhat afraid at first. Now is his favorite. Our large dog wants to bite it. Toy is programed like a robotic vacuum, won't run into anything.

Erik Robinson
Verified Buyer

I am very impressed with how well packed the cat toy was to ensure it got here safely. I am charging it now and will leave further feedback when my cats have tried it out.

Evangeline Horton
Verified Buyer

This snake toy has my kitties' seal of approval. They are fascinated by it! They also love the little fluffy balls the seller kindly added as freebies. I am so happy with this purchase!

Nora Holmes
Verified Buyer

This electronic toy is great. Cat was somewhat afraid at first. Now is his favorite. Our large dog wants to bite it. Toy is programed like a robotic vacuum, won't run into anything.

Grace Morgan
Verified Buyer

Amazingly how it moved like a real snake! My family got a great kickoff of it including the kitties.

Johan Hill
Verified Buyer

Nothing exactly like a snake. At first, my kittens were scared, but they were immediately attracted and played for a long time.

Theodore Simpson
Verified Buyer

Great, quality toy & my cat loves it!

Braxton Diaz
Verified Buyer

GREAT toy for my cats!!

Mason Perkins
Verified Buyer

Fast delivery, good seller, great product.

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