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Don’t worry about the rust problem! Our rust remover will solve the problem for you, and it will dry within five minutes after use, waterproof and high temperature resistant.

It transforms existing rust into a black protective polymer barrier, giving the metal a new suit and increasing its lifespan.

This rustproof treatment prevents future rust and corrosion by isolating moisture from rain and snow. No more worrying about metal objects exposed to rain or snow.


It transforms the existing rust into a black protective polymer barrier, which is weatherproof and can give metal objects a fresh coat of paint. And will provide more than twice as much rust protection.

This rust treatment prevents future rust and corrosion by isolating moisture from rain and snow.


It is non-flammable, low VOC, water-based treatment, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It can quickly and easily remove rust and restore the original primer color of metal objects. It revives and protects iron and metal surfaces on automobiles, car chassis, dumpsters, equipment, railings, chains, etc.


Wipe the dust and water stains clean off the metal surface, apply rust remover with a brush (included), and wait for 20 minutes to dry. Quickly form a protective film, prevent rust repeatedly.  No more scraping, sandblasting or grinding!


1kg product can brush 5-15 square meters or larger area, depending on how thick you brush. (The thinner you brush it, the bigger the area. Conversely, the thicker you brush it, the smaller the area.)

Store it in a cool, dry place, protected from freezing or temperatures above 100°F.



Material: Water-based Primer



Product weight: 100g

Package Includes: 1*Rust Remover + 1*Brush


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Sienna Phelps
Verified Buyer

Excellent rust inhibitor.

Frederick Blake
Verified Buyer

Worked as advertised.

Jackson Logan
Verified Buyer

Don’t know if it stopped the rust as it only has been a week and really no way to tell but at least I don’t see rust anymore.

Aston Sandoval
Verified Buyer

Works very well I cleaned the scale off and dust with a wire brush blew it off with the air hose and sprayed the product on it stayed where I sprayed it and it definitely looks like it will stay for some time very satisfied with this product

Abel Miranda
Verified Buyer

This was what I was looking for. I had a hitch that was starting to rust. I needed something I could spray on to slow down and inhibit the rust that would not wash away. Too easy. This goes on like a grease. Almost. It doesn't dry and I think that will help.

Hugh Ho
Verified Buyer

Love the product. Easy to use with the spray nozzle. Less waste, you get more use of the product. Will definitely purchase again for other product.

Alfie Reese
Verified Buyer

I've used what I thought was every conceivable spray lubricant and protectant that existed. I recently ordered this for it's claimed ability to tackle mild rust, and protect. It was also a product I've never used before. The can is only 12 oz, but unlike other stuff out there, this really goes a long way. I used it on Sliding Glass door with aluminum frame and rollers (not why I bought it but got carried away with this stuff). This door had lithium and siicone sprays in the past. This Spring I sprayed the track lightly, and rollers liberally, and WOW! Smoother than it ever was. On rust steel bolt locks, my older riding mower, my screw dampened vinyl windows, it worked well too. The spray is slightly foamy, and about and thinner than corn oil, thicker than WD. The surface rust turned from orange to dark grey, and was left oily. Unlike WD, this appears to actually break down rust, and leave the part cleaner, but obviously oily. I used some on many pares of pliers. Lubricates very well, and definitely freed up the hinge pins in a few pairs. WD just evaoporates away, and is a poor lube. I'm ordering my 2nd can of this today! I think I over did it experimenting. This product does have an odor, but not as bad as WD or PB. I wish I knew about it sooner. I recommend this highly. It leaves an oily residue, as any oil would, but it cleans up fairly easy. I don't know is this would be a good penetrant for freeing fasteners, but I can see it has ability to dissolve rust, and keep item lubed. Initial lubrication for low pressure applications is amazing. I'm not sure how it would work in high pressure lubrication applications. Should be perfect for squeeky pins or bushings where rust or other oxidation is present. Took over a week to get with Prrime. Maybe it's the Corona issue.

Jago Mccall
Verified Buyer

Sprayed it on a rot hole in my Jeep to try and stop its progression. It clings really well and while some was knocked off in the rain and road spray, there is definitely still a coating on the rot. I plan to re-apply about once a month. Time will tell if it actually helps or not....

Romeo Ayala
Verified Buyer

Been using this as a protectant for a bunch of old tools and hardware after de-rusting them. Works well and smells better than most of the competition. Really like the way you can flip the "precision applicator" up and down, much easier than trying to wedge a little straw into a spray valve.

Casey Garrett
Verified Buyer

It’s too early for me to know how well it prevents rest. But I can tell that it is much thicker than corrosion X. Corrosion X which is highly rated, it’s similar to WD-40 in consistency. This stuff is more like Pam spray. I sprayed it on my boat two weeks ago and they’re still a mucousy film on it. Maybe this means it is corrosion resistant. I don’t know. But one downside might be if it’s used not electrical parts which corrosion X excels at.

Seth Daniels
Verified Buyer

I got to try this STA-BIL Heavy Duty Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor. I think this product works better than WD-40. Coats and slow penetrates, not runny like WD-40. I swear it looks like it melts the rust off, but just the metal taking on a new rich luster as leaves a rich, thicker product on the exterior than other sprays. I took pictures of the undercarriage of a newer living quarter horse trailer (Like an RV that you can bring your horses along in.) and it's propane pipe and fittings have already started to rust and corrode. Makes it look new again and leaves a thick film that will help protect on the road. Also used on the hitch and any place I saw rust. Did not stain the aluminum. Also freed up a sticky MasterLock and it's tumblers. Not that it matters a whole bunch, but this stuff smells GREAT! Clean fresh scent, will make it nice when using inside. On another note regarding the STA-BIL products. Every winter we use STA-BIL fuel stabilizer in all our lawn mowers lawn tractors and smaller gas powered tools and they all start up faithfully come spring and summer.

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