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  • Make your child comfortable with you, and create a secure yet loose hold so your child feels even more comfortable and secure with you in their arms.

  • Save your back by maintaining an ergonomic posture, and you won’t have back pain after a long day with your child.

  • Reinforced seat area, which helps your child sit stable and secure, so that your child can not fall out down and you are always in control.

  • Extra storage space integrated with, which allows you to have everything you need on the go, which means that you can have water bottle, diaper or even a burp cloth immediately at hand.

  • Discover the beautiful design, which allows you to look good through the simple design, making you on the go a beautiful multifunctional fanny pack around that you do not have to take off like ordinary “baby carriers” when the child is not worn.



What material are the products made of?

βœ… The material is polyester cotton

Can the child slip off?

βœ… No! Due to the reinforced seat, the material does not give way, so that a safe sitting of the child is guaranteed.

How many pockets has the fanny pack?

βœ… A very spacious main compartment under the seat, and 2 more smaller compartments on the sides.

How heavy can the child be?

βœ… The maximum load of the stretcher is 30 kg.


Ayla Mccarthy
Verified Buyer

I LOVE this thing. It holds a phone, sippy cup, snacks and a couple diapers and small pack of wipes and there is still space on this β€œbaby utility belt”. My son enjoys it because I can hold him longer. He feels so much secure vs just on my hip. Just use caution if you have a back lower back. I have a herniated disc and after wearing for a full day at the amusement park I am paying the price. But hey, instead of sore biceps and tired hips I have a sore back…. It’s a decent trade off.

Annalise Jimenez
Verified Buyer

This item is literally a life saver, my baby is almost 20 lbs and it becomes harder and harder as he is growing to hold him, he is about 20 lbs. this device literals not only helps carrying him, it helps with not getting super tired and having sore muscles at the end of the day. It costs more than others on the line but, this is the best one. We tried the others and they do not compare to the advantages this one has. As a new parents, we endorse this product to all new parents out there. Life changer.

Josiah Khan
Verified Buyer

It is easy to put on and easy to hold my baby. It feels comfortable to wear and feels super secure and safe with her on my hip. My daughter is only 3 months old and she loves being close. She calms right down and snuggles up to me easily with it. Love the storage space on it as well. Just super happy with it overall.

Erica Mitchell
Verified Buyer

Being a new grandmother, it started getting difficult to hold my sweet 25 pound granddaughter with all of her "pick me up's". This product makes it way easier to carry her for much longer without as much discomfort. I would have liked the bottle holder to be bigger for my water bottle, though. My 25 yr. old son is also wanting one of his own to carry his daughter at home, so it's a help no matter what your age.

Antony Abbott
Verified Buyer

We recently became foster daycare providers (50 hours a week). We are 62 and 72, but when called to service, can’t say no… 7 month meth baby, with no core strength, like holding a newborn. This has allowed me to walk the house for HOURS, carrying, soothing, talking, holding baby in close contact with great support.

Annabel Moon
Verified Buyer

I thought this was really silly at first but it’s the best baby wearing device ever. Started using it as soon as she could hold her head up, she much prefers it on walks than a carrier and it saves my arms and has lots of pockets. Great for functions where you’re holding baby but also handing her to family members. It’s expensive but worth it. I use it daily

Ava-Rose Woodward
Verified Buyer

As a new grandmother, my body can’t hold up to chubby babies like I used to. Enter Tush Baby. My goodness! What a Godsend! I’m amazed at all the new gadgets for babies but this is by far the best one. My five month old grandson prefers to face forward but my arms turn to Jell-O quite quickly. This β€œhipster” (as we’ve nicknamed it) has saved me. It’s comfortable and sturdy and fits his little bum perfectly. I have taken 30 minute walks through my neighborhood with him on it. Aside from my street incline and his added weight, it is an effortless task.

Cade Dickson
Verified Buyer

This is the ONLY carrier my youngest has ever entertained using! He wants carried all the time and my back and shoulder are always killing me! Used this today just running around town and it was so easy to just take him from his car seat to my hip but not have to support his whole weight! Game Changer right here! If you are thinking about buying this… just get it! Best baby purchase I have made in a long time!

Lula Bonner
Verified Buyer

I can’t believe I’ve been wanting this for so long and waited till I had a 2-year-old to buy. I am the favorite chair of said child and this is going to save my back so I can maybe not be a torqued husk of a human anymore. It’s sooooo comfortable and fun to use. It distributes the weight around my middle and has a great frame under the seat for holding up the sweet, heavy child that I love to acquiesce to when β€œUp” is demanded. Thank you thank you THANK YOUUUUUUUU.

Colin Calhoun
Verified Buyer

This is such a life saver! Love our Tush. Was very unsure how this would turn out but we actually love it. Saved us on our trip. We walked so much but the Tush holds some weight. Our baby also loved sitting on it as well as sleeping on it! Love the design, love the pouches it came with the straps are so helpful! Tip! Put it as high as you can for comfort and for effectiveness. This will save you!

Mattie Blackwell
Verified Buyer

Our LO is getting bigger and harder to carry with just our arms. I wish I would have bought this MONTHS ago. Do yourself a favor. Do you BACK a favor and get it!

Lennon Curry
Verified Buyer

How did I go the whole time with the first kiddo without this gem?! Don’t do what I did. It’s great quality, little goofy looking on a smaller set individual but such a lifesaver!

Evan Mcpherson
Verified Buyer

I tried getting a knock it was too big I’m only 100 lbs and I just got this in the mail. Works perfect!!! Horray

Bessie Mcclain
Verified Buyer

Completely saved my back. So much easier to move around the house or run into the store.

Connor Delgado
Verified Buyer

My wife and I are very happy with this product. The weight is distributed to the hips and we can now carry our son for much longer.

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