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That Wirelessly Streams A Full View Of Your Ear Canals On Your Iphone Or Android Device.


Our ears are delicate and sensitive, and the use of Q-tips poses risks. It’s important to note that Q-tips were not designed for cleaning ears. They are not only ineffective but also outdated in ear care practices. Cotton swabs can lead to earwax blockages, resulting in hearing impairment, and raise the risk of ear infections. It’s high time we transition to a safer and more efficient ear care solution.


Designed For Ear Cleaning

Tired of constantly asking, “What did you say?” Struggling with earwax problems caused by cotton buds? Want to experience the joys of music like never before? Look no further! Ear Wax Removal Pro is here to revolutionize the way you care for your ears.

“ Ear Wax Removal Pro has been a game-changer for me. I can’t believe how much clearer my hearing has become after just one use. It’s like rediscovering the world in high definition!🥰. ”


Mark Frank / Verified Customer

Experience The Ideal Way Of Hearing

Experience the Benefits After a Single Use

Ear Wax Removal Pro is not your ordinary ear cleaning device. It’s a game-changer! After just one use, you’ll be amazed by the crystal clear hearing it delivers. Say goodbye to the discomfort of cotton buds that only push wax deeper into your ear canal. Ear Wax Removal Pro is designed for safe and effective ear cleaning, bringing you the clarity you’ve been missing.


It gives you crystal clear hearing with just one use. Say goodbye to pushing wax in with Q-Tips. No more asking “What did you say?” And best of all, music will sound incredible.


Ear Wax Removal Pro has helped thousands of customers who used Q-Tips in the past regain their hearing from deep-seated excessive earwax. You’ll be amazed at the difference.


Experience the convenience and comfort of Ear Wax Removal Pro, the worlds first clinically proven non-invasive ear wax removal device. Press the power button, connect to our app & get to digging!


Use The Doctor’s Secret Tool For Ear Health


Professional Results At A Fraction Of The Cost


Doctor’s Trusted Choice: Thousands of healthcare professionals trust Ear Wax Removal Pro for safe and effective earwax removal, ensuring the health of your ears.


Unlock crystal clear hearing, trusted by doctors, with Ear Wax Removal ProMusic Enhancement: Rediscover the joy of music with Ear Wax Removal Pro, as it removes earwax buildup, allowing you to experience music in all its glory.


When you choose Ear Wax Removal Pro, you get everything you need for a complete ear care experience:
1 x Ear Wax Removal Pro
1 x Storage Box
1 x USB-C Cable
1 x English User Manual
Plus, don’t forget to download the Ear Wax Removal App for even more convenience and guidance. Simply scan the QR code in the manual, and you’re all set!

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How Ear Wax Removal Pro Really Works

Unlike Q-Tips, which can push wax deeper and lead to hearing issues, Ear Wax Removal Pro provides a safe and immediate solution. After one use, you’ll notice improved clarity and the removal of old earwax, allowing you to enjoy life’s sounds without constantly asking, ‘What did you say?’ Say hello to delightful music and a better hearing experience!

02. Is It Safe To Use Ear Wax Removal Pro?

Ear Wax Removal Pro undergoes rigorous testing for top-notch safety and quality. Made from durable medical-grade materials like PC and silica, it ensures lasting dependability. The ear scoop prioritizes comfort with its soft, flexible design, and includes an adjustable silicone protective cover for both adult and pediatric ears. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

03. How Can You Set Up Ear Wax Removal Pro?

Setting up Ear Wax Removal Pro is quick and easy. Follow these steps:
1. Take Ear Wax Removal Pro out of the box and turn it on.
2. Download the app using the manual’s QR code.
3. Connect your phone to Ear Wax Removal Pro via Wi-Fi and open the app to start using it. Enjoy wax-free ears in no time!”

04. Is My Device Compatible With Ear Wax Removal Pro?

Ear Wax Removal Pro works seamlessly with numerous iOS and Android devices. If your device runs on iOS 9.0 or higher or Android 4.2 or higher, you can effortlessly use.


Brenda W
Verified Buyer

I haven't tested it yet, but it arrived fast, ahead of schedule. Came well packed, and with the accessories described. I recommend it.

Verified Buyer

Thank you very much for the fast delivery, satisfied with the product.

Verified Buyer

Excellent seller, recommend, unfortunately did not arrive before due to the incompetence of the post office, because it had already arrived in my city more than a week ago

Angie P.
Verified Buyer

Article as the description, arrived very quickly. I loved it already I tried it and it works super. The image looks great on the cell phone. I super recommend it.

Danyelle M.
Verified Buyer

Exactly as the article is described, if it bothers the curetta a bit for the complete vision but it is solvable.

Sidney C
Verified Buyer

I have chronic issues with cerumen (i.e. ear wax) plugging up my ears over time. After a recent scuba trip, I couldn't hear anything at all because of how tightly impacted my ear wax was. Instead of relying on an expensive doctor's visit, I decided to try this device. I am 2 days into using it, and it is truly amazing. Look at the video I attached! I have completed cleared both ear canals and ca n finally see my tympanic membranes. I thought it would be painful, but the default tool is actually very soft/gentle and I was able to disimpact my canals by myself without any assistance. I wish I had this for the past 20 years! And yes, I have grossed out all of my family and friends with the photos and videos of this device in use!

Verified Buyer

I bought this in 2022 and recently have had ear pain so took drops and they weren’t working so I used this and found all that got it all out and feel a little better but does anyone know what this is

Verified Buyer

...holy Mary mother of god, sweet baby Jesus! I removed a dry clump of ear poop from probably a couple years of buildup. My hearing on my left ear went from 80% to 100% immediately. My only regret is not purchasing this product earlier. Do yourself a favor and order this ASAP. 10/10 would recommend.

Melissa M
Verified Buyer

I bought this because I’m a weirdo, I like to find things and dig them out….. ingrown hairs, blackheads, toenail debris, and earwax!This ear camera with cleaner is so wonderful! I was able to clean my ears, but it left me wanting more, because mine were surprisingly boring. My oldest child has always had lots of gooey earwax, so his were pretty exciting to clean.My husband is always cleaning his ears, and after using this on him, I can see why…. Not a lot of debris but it was dry, which I’m assuming is why his ears always feel itchy to him.The best part though was this little nugget in my 11 year old’s ear…. But unfortunately she won’t let me get it out…. Yet. Muahhahahaha!As you can see the camera is wonderful, I was able to get lots of video, at least 30 minutes worth before the battery started dying.The little spatula is metal, but has plenty of the little blue covers so you’re not scratching your inner ear.It is a little difficult to get the hang of the camera but I was able to see what I was doing without looking at the phone.The app is pretty good too, you can take photos or video, and download or save them to your phone. I have already shared via Messenger with my sister. You can choose between left ear and right ear and it seems to change the camera a little bit which helps.I highly recommend this product to everyone who has dirty ears or even who needs to see in tiny spaces….. the spatula does unscrew and you have a lighted camera to use wherever you need it!

Jill Janicki
Verified Buyer

Just wow. Our 4 yo has been having ear issues for the longest time. We use products, but they never do enough. We decided we needed a good tool, so this camera, along with the tool to remove is perfect. We can see what’s going on and actually get rid of it. Brilliant device!

Alisa & Ruby
Verified Buyer

Love this tool!! I had to take out the silicone part to the tool bc i knew that I really need to dig in there to get this dang ear wax out. Super disgusting, gagged a bit, but super satisfying and a huge relief when I got it out. I can hear my annoying man a lot better now 🤭

Dylan Conway
Verified Buyer

OMG I used this to check for ear wax and found a massive black head. This is just 1 of the 6 sections I pulled out but this thing works flawlessly

Verified Buyer

Wow oh wow. Just watch the video. 100% worth it and at a low price. I have nothing bad to say. Yes it really works.

John N
Verified Buyer

great product and worth it, the camera feature is amazing

Chris H.
Verified Buyer

I was actually surprised, it took a week and a half to arrive but it is great. Good quality and the camera works great, the only thing I was disappointed with that my ears very pretty clean lol.

Caroline P.
Verified Buyer

I was skeptical at first but have had such issues with my ears I figured it was worth a try. It’s taken me some time to gut used to navigating it in my ear so I get what I’m going after. I would definitely suggest getting this product.

Karol T.
Verified Buyer

Great view of my ear, very comfortable to use. I love this!!!

Curtis B.
Verified Buyer

I really enjoyed it it was difficult trying to pull it out if it was way down in your ear so I didn't want to really test that but I let my family members use them and they was so shocked with the telescope and looking down into the air with all the ear wax but it's a great product and I highly recommend it thank you for all your services that you provided for me

Verified Buyer

I love it when I buy it I was very convinced but for me I liked both the app and the device are very easy to use and the camera is great, the truth is that for that price the article is great.

Michael J
Verified Buyer

It looks good, it is worth clarifying that the spoon is a single size, only a small jebe protector is added, it is in test mode. Same thanks seller.

Verified Buyer

Very good product. Somehow the image of good. You can see everything exactly. I recommend

Sheryl B.
Verified Buyer

Flash shipment, cool camera and device

Verified Buyer

I arrived quite fast and very efficient the item, it has a very good image quality, excellent purchase to see the little Earls✨

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