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Get Your Pup in the Game with the Interactive Dog Soccer Ball!

The Interactive Dog Soccer Ball is a multifunctional, outdoor dog toy designed to keep your furry friend entertained and active. Made with durable materials, this dog puzzle toy features a strap for easy carrying and interactive play. Perfect for playing fetch, practicing soccer skills, or keeping your pup mentally stimulated.

✔ Multifunctional

✔ Durable Materials

✔ Interactive Strap

Keep Your Pup Active

The Interactive Dog Soccer Ball is perfect for keeping your dog active and engaged during outdoor playtime.

Practice Soccer Skills

Use the ball to practice your dog’s soccer skills and train them to score goals.

Mental Stimulation

The puzzle aspect of the ball provides mental stimulation for your pup.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Made with high-quality materials, this dog toy is built to last.

Convenient Design

The strap allows for easy carrying and interactive play, making it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Product Specs

  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 6.3 inches (diameter)

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Matthew's T C
Verified Buyer

UPDATE: Customer service reached out and provided a replacement. Very professional.Lasted less than a month with a large dog

Verified Buyer

It stays right next to me all the time. I can take it from hiding place to hiding place. It's my BFF. Don't tell Mom.

Mary Wight
Verified Buyer

This is a great interactive toy for my dog and his freinds.

Verified Buyer

Oliver likes the new toy.

Verified Buyer

I wasn’t sure if our dog would be interested in this but she loves it! She carries it around by the tabs, and often nudges it to move the bell to show us she wants to go out to play. The ball arrived deflated but it came with a small hand pump to quickly inflate. It’s also nice to add air to the ball over time. She has put some teeth marks in the ball surface and has chewed the tabs a bit, but so far it’s held up. She really likes to play with it herself by flinging it up in the air for herself then chasing it. Glad I took a chance on it!

Verified Buyer

I have bought this ball three times.All three enjoyed by my German Shepard puppy.He plays with it till it is literally in pieces.

Verified Buyer

Best ball ever! We will buy more.

Sonia V
Verified Buyer

At first my dog was like "What is this?" , but once we got to kicking it and chasing after it, she fell in love! She takes it by a strap and runs like crazy with it, but most of all she loves for us to kick it and she goes chasing it. Teaching her young to be a great ball player haha! It is very durable, no strap has came lose and no piece of the ball has come off. It is very easy to wash too, but it also does get stained easy without coming out. It's what these toys are for though, definitely buying a other when this one gives!

Verified Buyer

This girl loves her new birthday ball! Worth every penny!

Blondish A B
Verified Buyer

My Lab puppy loves her soccer ball! Her jaws aren't big enough to hold the whole ball, but she loves to grab a strap and run with it. Or I'll throw it and she'll race after it, grab it, and bring it back. Or race after it, grab it, then keep running. Or drop it and run back without it. What can I say, she's a baby and hasn't completely figured out Fetching yet. I keep the ball outside, and she plays with it at least once a day. She also sometimes bring it in the house and sleeps with it. Also, she has a couple of dog friends who visit, and every one of them, upon seeing this ball, will grab it and run. It seems to be irresistible to dogs. Great toy!!

Verified Buyer

This little soccer ball is just adorable and perfect for dogs of all sizes. I have a 3 month old dachshund puppy and even he was able to carry this ball thanks to the many green tabs. The ball feels very well made from thick quality materials, and the tabs are very securely attached. This ball also came with a small hand pump with two needle attachments to make it fast and simple to air up. The pump works great. I am very pleased with this toy.

Verified Buyer

Two things my dog loves - squeaky toys & tug of war. While this doesn’t squeak it has multiple angles to tug and he’s obsessed. He brings it to us to play tug with him (and he always wins).

Verified Buyer

My puppy really enjoys this ball. It's about 6 inches in diameter so it's lightweight. It has a bunch of tags so a dog can pick it up and bring it around and it's easy to throw. I also love that it comes with its own pump. Great toy.

Jorge H
Verified Buyer

Got this for my Frenchie mix she loves it she likes to play fetch and she keeps bugging me to throw or tug good item.

Verified Buyer

I’ve been meaning to grab one of these for our dogs for awhile…glad to finally test one out!For reference, we have 2 Aussies, one who is ball obsessed (specifically squeaky tennis balls) and the other dog just likes to chase the other dog 😂.The ball loving dog, who retrieves and returns balls was not interested in this, unfortunately. He’s just a tried and true squeaky ball guy.The other dog did like to chase this ball when I tossed it, but doesn’t return it back to me.So I’d say, like any dog toy, it depends on your dogs play style and toy preferences.I feel like the quality of this ball is great, under supervision. If your dog is a chewer, the tags would probably get chewed off unsupervised (which mine do sometimes, so this is in a special basket for us).The ball itself has a nice little bounce and feels durable. The included air pump has 2 needles for inflating and deflating and is good quality.You could definitely use this ball indoors or outdoors. The medium size is good for 20-40 lb size dogs.I’d say this is a good buy for your toy basket. Maybe my wiggle butts will change their minds and play with it more, because I think it’s a fun ball.

Verified Buyer

My dog 🐕 loves ❤️ balls ⚽️. Great price. Very sturdy and durable ball. Even comes with a pump to blow it up. The straps help him hold onto the ball. It has become my dogs favorite ball.

Verified Buyer

This is a fund toy for more than one dog, lots of straps for tugging.

Jorge H
Verified Buyer

Got this for my Frenchie mix she loves it she likes to play fetch and she keeps bugging me to throw or tug good item.

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